mural Fairytale, for him


218 €

Dimensions: 232,5 cm x 270 cm
Material: non-woven

About the collection:

A prince sat on a dragon and they scrambled for a princess who was waiting in her beautiful castle... You say it is not usually like that in fairy tales? After all, everyone can have his or her own story of how it was back then...


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delivery time 4 weeks

Not only is DecorPlay devoted to excellent design, but it also cares for the environment and, especially, the health of your children. Therefore, DecorPlay murals are printed on non-toxic material that does not contain PVC or heavy metals. We use the most advanced type of non-woven material, which is dimensionally stable, hard-wearing, but permeable. The colours on the murals are water-soluble and do not contain any chemical solvents. The DecorPlay brand is a synonym for state-of-the-art design, which combines the highest manufacturing quality with the strictest standards of healthy living.

DecorPlay murals are made ​​up of several panels, which are numbered and delivered together in one roll. The height of the panels can be adjusted according to the dimensions of the wall. The panels are pasted from the lowest number from the left to the right and butt-jointed (the panels do not overlap). The final image of the mural is created after all the panels have been applied. The paste should always be applied to the wall, not the mural. The wall must be dry, clean, and smooth; any surface roughness must be smoothed before the mural is pasted on. Murals can be cleaned with a sponge dampened with water; do not use any chemical cleaners.

We send murals as packages via a shipping company. The shipping charge will be included in the total price of the order.

Murals can be returned within 14 days of receipt without any reason being given. Returned murals must be undamaged, unused, and unwrapped and need to be accompanied by the original sales receipt.